Day 7 – Lake Tekapo to Wanaka

Leaving Tekapo we head to the local salmon farm.  It is built along and in the canal from Lake Tekapo so we enjoyed the lovely colours as we travelled.  The children enjoyed feeding the salmon with pellets. The fish are in pens but enjoy fast fresh flowing water that keeps them healthy and allows them exercise swimming against the current of the canal, this makes for a better quality of salmon. This we can vouche for as we enjoyed fresh salmon for dinner that night and smoked salmon for a few days after.  We bought from the farm and we pleasantly surprised by the reasonable price.

Heading through the Lindis Pass we see a change in the landscape, it is stark, desolate and quite barren.  Like Tekapo this area receives very little rain fall through out the year. In its own way it is still beautiful. The snow capped mountains are always within sight and as we come through the pass the amount of snow increases.

Wanaka appears very soon after and the lake is an ideal spot for lunch.  Stunning scenery again with the mountains in the background and the lake in the foreground. Lots of green space and play equipment keeps the children busy for a while. We then headed off to Puzzling World.  This was an amazing place and well worth a visit, mazes, illusion rooms and eccentric architecture keep everyone happy for the afternoon.

Tonight we stayed at Wanaka Lake View Holiday Park, central to town and room for the kids to run around.  The kitchen and dining was well equipped and had plenty of room. Amenities were clean as well.

Salmon farm drive near Lake Tekapo
Salmon farm drive near lake tekapo
Enjoying a glass of New Zealand by the lake in Wanaka
Enjoying a glass of New Zealand by the lake in Wanaka

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